Sunday, 8 December 2013

Great freebies up for grabs!

I am blown away by all the incredible freebies that are up for grabs all over Facebook.  There are several FaceBook hops happening and the free products are incredible!

This is my third Frenzy and I've linked up with the clip art group this time.  Yes, I LOVE drawing in my free time.  I have two daughters and they constantly have me drawing princesses and mermaids. There's paper and pencils all over our house.  My poor husband feels like he is drowning in glitter and pink :)

OK, back to the Frenzy, you really need to check out the clip art.  There are stunning sets!!

Have a look for yourself...

This is my contribution:

I highly recommend going through the entire clip art loop.  It will save you quite a bit of money (most sets are going on sale on TPT later this week) and connect you with incredible clip-artists.

The easiest way to start is to go to my FB page and click on the FB Frenzy tab.  It will take you through the whole loop.  I've also posted a map for the rest of the Frenzy on my FB page.  Please remember that the frenzy lasts till Monday, 8 AM,  EST.

Lastly, please leave a little love on the FB pages.  Most of us are moms or teachers (or both) and know how important encouragement is. 

Have fun downloading!!

Chat to you soon,